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Live Project Program

LIVE Project Team

Live Project-Virtual Training Environment

This is a practical project management training program that allows participants to acquire core project management competencies and develop teamwork and leadership skills in a simulated environment.

LIVE Project focuses on the “Planning” and “Execution” phases of a medium-sized project.

The Planning phase teaches how to organize your team and allocate resources. The Execution phase develops your management skills through simulated ad hoc scenarios designed to challenge your priorities with the goal of completing the project in a timely manner within a prescribed budget.

The program tracks the evolution of the project costs, timeline and qualitative analysis all in an engaging manner.

Sessions entail participants working together in 3-4 member teams with our multimedia platform which simulates phone calls, emails and voicemails to create a realistic project environment.

Who Should Participate?

LIVE Project program is recommended for the following professionals.

  • Project Managers/Coordinators
  • Financial Services Professionals
  • Marketing Professionals
  • IT Professionals
  • Event Planners
  • Specialists from the Energy sector
  • Persons interested in learning project management
LIVE Project


** The concepts and skills taught in the program are highly transferable to many professions. **

Program Benefits

Successful participants are issued with a Certificate of Completion with 12 contact–hours. Persons who hold a certification from the Project Management Institute can use these hours to claim their Professional Development Units (PDUs).

Other Benefits:

  • Enhance organizational skills
  • Develop sound management competencies
  • Improve supervisory potential
  • Learn current project management approaches