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Our Guiding Philosophy - The LIONEER Initiative

A very wise man once said, “If any man desires to be great; let him serve.”

As emerging Leaders in the Learning & Development industry, we solemnly believe in our calling to serve!

When we competently serve, we inspire. Those we inspire begin to create: Spanning ideas, opportunities, developing & learning skills and finding solutions.

Creativity is the genesis of achievement, that when coupled with determination ends in success.

Your Success is Our Success!

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Guiding Philosophy

Company Overview

LIONEER Training Institute (LTI) is a leading training provider in Caribbean Region which primary focus is to develop the skills needed for Caribbean professionals to excel in any professional market; whether regional or international. This is accomplished by providing training for internationally recognized industry certifications which are highly-desired by the professional market.

Through our programs, we also seek to increase the market value of our professionals and their visibility within their respective industry areas.

Our training programs are offered to the general public, however, we provide tailored-made corporate training solutions for the Private Companies, Statutory Boards, NGOs and Civil Service Organizations as well.